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The painter Martha (Annabelle Mandeng) is trapped in an unhappy marriage with a dazzling real estate tycoon. With a joint trip to an enchanted house, the couple tries to save their marriage. But this dream abruptly shatters the first night after Martha finds her husband dead the first morning. Through painting, Martha tries to reconstruct the last night, embarking on a journey into her inner self and into great danger.

VANITAS will be one of the first European films with a black heroine that does not address BIPOC identity in the storyline – and thus marks a real milestone.

In the 17th century the sinister genre of still-life painting known as vanitas emerged which focused on the transience of life and all things in it.  The elements illustrating the pointless quest for earthly pleasures are an important part of this moving chamber drama between arthouse, suspense and thriller.

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